How to Improve your Wireless Router’s Signal

Whether it’s at home or in a small office, a poor wireless signal from your router can be frustrating and severely hamper productivity. The following tips can help you maximize signal strength from wireless routers:

  1. Wireless routers need to be set in an open space, ideally up high. Most people tend to store their routers tucked away in a wiring closet, in a server rack, of when at home, on a TV’s media stand or down in a basement.  Wireless routers need to to be positioned in a central location.
  2. Change the channel on your wireless routers. Wireless Routers use channels to send and receive data. Make sure you are tuned to a channel that is not crowded.  For those DYIers out there, a great free site to use is
  3. Update Firmware – Most business routers will have notifications when firmware needs to updated. Make sure to update when needed.
  4. Add a second router or a repeater.  This is a little involved, so if you’d like help at your business, contact us.
  5. Install a high gain Antenna. A high gain WiFi antenna is a directional antenna that has a narrow radio wave beam width. In addition to using a directional, narrow beam width, a high gain WiFi antenna typically features gain of 12-14dBi and greater.

We hope these tips help you expand your WiFi’s reach!