3D Printing – New Trends in Printing

3D printing is one of the newest and fastest growing trends and many companies are considering experimenting with this new technology. But how does it work? And where do you go when things go wrong and you encounter 3D printer support issues?

3D printing starts with computer aided design (CAD) models created on a computer and then uses a special printer to print thin layers of material on top of each other sort of like baking a cake or building a brick wall.  ABS plastic is usually used, the same plastic found in Legos and in many car interiors.

3D printing can make huge impacts and benefit many companies. Doctors are using 3D machines to create molds and 3D images of limbs for patients that need prosthetics. 3D printing can save time and cost for many companies by eliminating the need for a team of people build a model from a 2D drawing.

3D printers are still fairly expensive, around $5,000-$10,000.   But as costs fall there are sure to be more and more uses for 3D printing.

If your business is based in the Philadelphia area, Nettology can help you choose, configure, and install a 3D printer that’s right for your business. We can also help you if you encounter 3D printer support issues.

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