Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software – Is commuting to an office becoming obsolete?

Is traveling to an office location becoming a thing of the past?

With remote access software options, many of us are finding it easier to work from home, or schedule appointments with your outside vendors without anyone having to leave your home or office. For example, your IT professional can access your computer without having to commute to your office or home, and your accountant can access your accounting software or company files without having to leave their office. These software applications allow you to use your computer from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Most of these software applications offer very low cost to free options.

Here are four advantages to using remote access software.

  1. Low to no cost for the software
  2. Can cut down on additional cost (ie: no more in house calls for IT professionals, cut cost on employees having to stay home due to illness or weather, as they can easily access their files, emails, etc. from their home computer)
  3. Easy to use and download
  4. Transfer files between your local and remote computer

Remote access software can improve productivity for you and your business. To learn more, call Nettology Philadelphia IT Support at 610-558-1730.