Are Traditional Hard Drives Becoming Obsolete?

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Hard Drive vs. Solid State Drive

Are traditional Hard Drives becoming obsolete? Many traditional hard drives  (HDDs) have been replaced by flash storage drives. Both Flash Drives and Solid State Drives (SSD) use microchips to store information instead of moving components that read and write the information, making them a much faster and more reliable option.

However, both SSD and HDD perform the same job functionality. HDDs seem to have many more options over SSDs so it looks like they will be around for some time.

So how do you choose between a hard drive and a solid-state drive?

Here are four differences to think about when choosing a hard drive or solid-state drive.

  1. Price – SSDs are more expensive than HDDs.
  2. Quality – SSDs are better quality since they use microchips over moving parts so they are a more sturdy and reliable option.
  3. Performance – SSDs are much faster than HDDs. They only take seconds to load and boot whereas HDD can take a few minutes to boot and load.
  4. Accessibility – There are many more options on the market for hard drives than solid-state drives; however, this is slowly changing as SSDs are becoming more popular and needed.

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