Essential Computing Tips to Keep your Information Safe

Eight Essential IT Security Tips

Technology pervades almost every part of our lives these days, and personal information is more vulnerable to hackers than ever before, so it’s important to practice safe computing. Here are eight great, practical IT security tips for your employees and your business.

  1. Apply security patches regularly – Patches can help keep malware and adware off your computer.
  2. Install a personal firewall on your desktop to help keep hackers out of your network.
  3. Passwords – Choose good/strong passwords. A combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and caps at random is the best way to go, but try to make one that you can remember as well.
  4. Backup and Recovery Plan. Having a Disaster recovery plan in place in case of hardware failure or software errors is vitally important. Being down for a few hours can cost a company thousands of dollars. Backing up daily is very important and should be a part of your daily routine.
  5. Secure your Connection. Make sure you are not sitting in a Starbucks and plugging away at your company’s financial records. Having an unsecure connection will make you vulnerable. Having a VPN is a great secure way to work on the road and keep a secure connection.
  6. Email and attachments – do not open emails with attachments from an unknown sender. Even emails that come from family and friends with strange subjects and attachments can mean they have been hacked and a hacker is sending emails from their account. Be cautious when reading and opening your emails.
  7. Do not leave your computer turned on and unattended. Make sure to password protect your computer.
  8. Social Media – be careful what you post on social media. Thives and hackers can use the information. Thieves can see when you are leaving on vacation and locate your address be aware of what you post and keep everything basic and uninformative.


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