#1 tech trend for small business that you need to know

Small business technology continues to grow and change. Most small offices are already powered with technology. Small business technology already in common use includes a dizzying array of desktops, printers, monitors, servers, and network switches and other technology.

Hanging on to all that hardware impacts your bottom line. As your IT equipment gets older, you need to upgrade or commit to a service contract. And, consider helping your bottom line by moving key business functions into the cloud.

The #1 small business technology trend is moving to the cloud.

Here are five small business technology trends that can help a small business save money and improve their IT operations:

  1. Dump your Microsoft Exchange email server and move to Office 365.
  2. Replace physical servers with virtual ones from VMware, saving hardware costs and space in your office.
  3. Go even further and replace all the servers in your office with cloud-based servers from Amazon AWS or another provider.
  4. Replace network storage with offerings like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  5. Replace your tape backup with newer cloud-based offerings like Datto — this can even be a hybrid local and cloud-based backup.

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