Ad Blockers: Good or Bad?

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Ad blockers are used by more and more people world-wide. and for good reason — many people find the ubiquitous pop-up ads annoying and too often the very heart of the modern web.

Now it turns out that all of those web ads cost you money.  A recent study done by the New York Times has shown that using an ad blocker on your Phone 6 was able to increase battery life by 21% and reduce data usage which ultimately leads to cost savings on your monthly cell phone bill. A popular webpage that produces a large number of ads could use upwards of 20MB of data, but with ad blockers, it can reduce data usage to 4 MB. Since many cell phone plans charge by data usage and offer unlimited calls and text it’s the data that can run a bill up. Ultimately decreasing data it decreases your monthly bill. The three ad blockers used by The New York Times were Purify, Crystal, and 1Blocker.  The actual cost to users of all those web ads is part of what drove Apple to allow ad blockers on iPhones starting with iOS 9. with a predictable backlash from ad providers.

But before you go and start searching through the app store for the latest ad blockers, consider the consequences.   Some developers of ad blockers, such as Marco Ament, have pulled their product claiming that it “just doesn’t feel good” — in other words, he has misgivings about the impact of ad-blocking technology on web publishers. “While [ad-blockers] do benefit a ton of people in major ways, they also hurt some, including many who don’t deserve the hit,” Arment writes. Does he have a point? Since today’s world is so technology-driven how can companies advertise their products with so many bans today on advertising and selling? There are already been bans on telemarketers calling people on cell phones and landlines. People spend the majority of their day online either working or for pleasure so do companies have the right to advertise on specific web pages, especially on free websites that are not subscription-based?

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