BYOK – Is “Bring Your Own Key” The Next Big Thing in Cyber Security?

BYOK – is it a future trend in cyber security?

Is BYOK – “Bring Your Own Key”  or “Bring your Own Encryption” the next big thing for businesses?  More and more businesses and individuals use cloud based services these days and many still have fears that their data is not 100% secure, especially in the public cloud. Leading tech companies such as Google are introducing innovative ways for customers to have more security and better control over their data. BYOE or BYOK allows cloud customers to control their own encryption.

Google has recently offered a free trial for this service called Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys for Google Compute Engine.  Google already protects its customer data with industry standard AES-256 bit encryption, but with customer supplied encryption, Google now unites the hardened encryption framework built into Google’s infrastructure with encryption keys that are owned and controlled exclusively by you. The main reason for BYOE is allow customers to feel more in control of their data.

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