Wearable Technology – The Next Big Trend

What is going to be the next big thing in technology? In 2015 we saw the launch of the Apple watch, the first tech trend that is a fashion staple that you can actual wear. Of course there was the fitbit a fitness tracking device you could wear on your wrist to keep tabs on your calories intake and how many steps you took a day, but now you can actually take your Ipad/IPhone and have it around your wrist in a smaller, fashionable device that is not an eye sore or uncomfortable to lug around. A company called WiseWear is taking this new tech trend to the next level by designer a sleeker, more fashionable looks for the watches. Here are some Pros and Cons to this new tech/fashion trend


Pros of wearable technology

  • Convenience – you can put your phone and tablet on your wrist and can eliminate lugging around your smart phone or your tablet. The watch allows you to check emails, texts, your calendar, and even take phone calls, plus any other features that your smart phone provides
  • Productivity – Give you a quicker response time since it’s right on you at all times.
  • Loss and Theft – Since you are wearing the watch its less likely you will have a stolen or loss device.


Cons of wearable technology

  • Cost – These watches can run over $300
  • Battery Lift
  • Limitations- even though these watches can do a lot the IPhone and I pad can do its smaller screen does provide limitations along with some other limitations on performance.