How to Choose a VPN that is Right for you

Choose a VPN? That’s just for large companies, right?

Nope. A VPN or Virtual Private Network can benefit everyone. With more and more aspects our daily lives being “connected” or “online”, we naturally become more vulnerable to identity theft, credit card theft, and unwanted access or theft of our personal devices and files.

A virtual private network connection can provide the privacy and security features of a private network; all while connected to a shared or public network. There are many options for VPN services; many are even free. Keep in mind that free VPN services usually will monitor your searches and have ads. They will also have limited privacy and security features. But how do go about choosing a VPN that is good for fit for your needs?

Three things to consider when you need to choose a VPN

  • Make sure your VPN has Anti-Malware and Spyware. Just because you are using a VPN doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Having added security features is critical.
  • Price – While there are many free VPN’s on the market, they are usually very limited with security and not always the best option.
  • PPTP vs SSL – These are two terms you might notice when searching for a VPN to purchase. SSL allows more convenience and ease with configuration for operating systems. PPTP needs to have its own independent implementation.

Find the right VPN for your business.

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