Big Data and Cloud Computing

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[text_dd] Big Data and Cloud Computing is a hot topic, appearing in many articles and technology blogs around the Internet. But what is Big Data and how is it being used? Big Data is the term used to describe data that is so big and complex that it cannot be processed using traditional software techniques and traditional computer hardware. The value of Big Data is that it can detect patterns — of consumer behavior, of medical conditions, of security threats, and more. These very large data sets are both structured and unstructured.

We’ve been producing and storing large amounts of data for many years, so what makes Big Data unique? Three terms sum it up: Volume, Velocity, and Variety.

Volume- very detailed observational data

Velocity – available in real time

Variety – draws from picture, texts, videos, audios, etc

Just as Big Data requires new software techniques, it also requires new IT infrastructure. Very often, Big Data and Cloud Computing go together. We’ve covered Cloud Computing often in this blog. Just recently in Public versus Private Clouds, but also in August, The Cloud Computing Stack, and in March 2015, Storing Your Data in the Cloud. It’s a topic we’ll visit often in 2016 as well.

To date, only large enterprises have been using Big Data. But as the tools become more mainstream, and Cloud Computing becomes more and more prevalent, we expect that to change.

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