Tips for Better Business Network Security

Large corporations spend millions of dollars on business network security every year and still encounter security breaches. So how effective are your small business’s security measures? Here are some important tips to maximize the security of your business network and make you a less appealing target to cyber attacks and hackers.

  1. Make sure you have a strong and secure network perimeter.  Some people refer to this as a demilitarized zone (DMZ).  The idea is to have a buffer zone between your internal network and the outside world.  The outside world only connects to networking equipment in the DMZ, not directly to the internal network.  It should go without saying that all software should be up to date and equipment should be configured properly with default username and passwords changed.
  1. EDR or End Point Detection and Response. EDR is an emerging technology and is also sometimes referred to as next-gen antivirus software. Endpoint detection and response solutions supplement traditional signature-based antivirus technologies by looking for unusual behavior on network devices that may signal an attack.   The analogy is to the flu — you don’t necessarily need to know what’s causing your symptoms to know that you are sick.  Once the symptoms of a cyber attack are detected, EDR technology begins to execute a response plan.
  1. Educate your staff.  Many hackers focus on compromising a network from the inside. Phishing emails can be used to install malware or gather passwords from unsuspecting employees.  System administrators may use common or default passwords, and users may not change passwords every 90 days as is recommended. Offering classes and educating your employees on the importance of network security and will help protect you from cyber attacks.

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