Utilizing Image-Based Backup to Ensure Small Business Continuity

Data is the most valuable asset in your company.  To protect it, you probably use backup measures that maintain redundant copies of datasets on site or even in the clouds to a schedule.  With data backups, you can restore individual data files and folders to a specific timeline; but, restoration is completed one file at a time and is time-consuming.

While data backup safeguards the contents of files and folders, it cannot reproduce the machine should it become damaged during a catastrophic event.  Reconstructing or even virtualizing a server requires files as well as applications, drivers, and systems.  Restoring a machine using just a data backup can take days to put all the pieces back together, resulting in downtime and lost business.

File level data backup is not enough to support business continuity!   

Imaged-based back-ups support a stronger business continuity strategy by taking copies of entire machine hard drives including all associated data in a particular time interval. By providing a more complete data picture, imaged-based backups are faster and more reliable than with a file-based solution. You can quickly restore servers with the applications and operating systems in tact.  In addition to restoring individual files from backup images, an imaged-based backup supports bare metal restores that involves repairing a computer from scratch.  You can also boot virtual machines and run them on another device locally or from a Cloud datacenter.

For example, if a hard drive dies, an image-based backup of the server can run in the cloud as a virtual office, enabling employees to connect to it until the server is repaired or replaced.  In some configurations, a virtualized system can run on the same network without the need for Internet support.

IDC reports that 60% of small businesses doing data backup are only using local, on-site storage devices.  While a data backup is still a viable course of action in protecting information, it should work hand in hand with image-based backups for a more comprehensive solution.  Data backup specialists such as Datto are integrating image-based back-ups as an integral component of continuity solutions for small businesses.  The benefits clearly out weigh the costs.

Nettology works with small businesses in creating a business continuity plan that takes into consideration your operating environment, budgets, and future needs.  We start with an evaluation of your current processes to identify weaknesses and problems before creating a plan that outlines specific strategies such as imaged-based back-ups for a quick restoration of business operations in the event of an emergency.  Contact us today to discuss your business continuity concerns at 888-330-5378 or complete the online inquiry form.