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Web content filtering – a highly effective cyber security solution

The recent wave of global ransomware attacks has underscored the need for continuous vigilance — and the need for multi-layer cyber security to protect client information. Since smaller organizations may not have the security they need in place, they have become favorite ransomware and malware targets.

Healthcare, lawn care, and financial service organizations are particularly attractive to cyber criminals because these businesses store a wealth of information about their patients and clients, including social security numbers, credit cards, and more.

If you have a small to mid-size company, it’s no longer effective to rely on one IT security method alone; multiple protective measures are needed to protect your business network and prevent a data breach.

Filtering internet content helps protect your company from a security breach

Web content filtering is a highly effective and important layer of security that can easily be added to protect your business. Network web filtering adds a protective shield not only to all your company devices but also safeguards non-company-issued mobile devices that are used to access your business network.

Nettology works with the Cisco Umbrella for state-of-the-art cloud-based content filtering. Cisco Umbrella is a scalable, network security service, offering web content control by blocking malicious attacks and providing real-time threat detection. Cisco Umbrella provides Domain Name System (DNS) security. This network content blocker shields your company’s website or intranet by filtering content and blocking phishing and malware. Malicious domain requests and IP responses are stopped at the DNS level before they can enter any network ports.

Cyber protection for employees using a VPN and those bypassing the VPN

Once you have the Cisco Umbrella in place, your employees can connect to the internet with confidence from any location on any device. The product not only protects employees who use the company VPN but also protects employees who bypass the company VPN. That means even employees who use their non-company-issued mobile phones to access company email and documents are protected.

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based, web content blocker that requires no extra appliance purchase. It can quickly begin filtering content and blocking threats after a nominal setup time.

Nettology can help you deploy the Cisco Umbrella

Nettology’s Cisco-certified engineers can provide end-to-end deployment of the Cisco Umbrella for your business. We can help you choose the cyber security services that are right for your unique business. We work with companies with varying levels of technical support, including those with no in-house IT specialists at all. 

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