Is data loss protection good for your business?

Data Loss Protection for Your Business

This is an amazing World and it’s an amazing time to be a Business Owner.  Technological advances have made research faster than ever. Access to information is nearly instant. Furthermore, advances in healthcare mean that we are living longer and healthier lives.  And now, we have advanced technologies to assist us with Data Loss Protection!

Imaged Based Data Backup

The dark side of technology brings us hackers, who implement viruses, Malware, and Ransomware. These predators are using today’s advanced technologies for cyber theft.

In addition to hackers, acts of nature such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes are taking out physical infrastructures and hardware, that house our data.

Finally, we have human error.  Tripping over a wire and unplugging a server, spilling coffee on a laptop, a power surge from too many items plugged into an outlet, etc.  The human factor, be it malicious or accidental, plays a role in data loss as well.

The Cost of Data Loss

Have you ever considered the cost of data loss?  If your network went down, would you be able to continue doing business?  Do you offer online sales or services?  Are your reference materials online?  Do you have CRM software for your sales and marketing?  Is your accounting/invoicing online?

You may have cloud backup, but that does not always mean you are safe.  If you experience a malicious data breach such as Ransomware, you may find that you have lost all access to your files, both locally and in the cloud.  When this is the case (and the frequency of these events is more common now than ever) you will be forced to pay a ransom for your intellectual property.

How do I Protect My Business?

So how do you ensure your data is protected?  Enlist a turnkey solution, which will restore your servers in the fastest amount of time possible.  Nettology is a Certified Datto Partner.  Datto’s Technology captures images of all your data and stores those images as often as three times per day in a space, which is not accessible to hackers.  It’s a tremendous tool for data loss protection! In the event of a breach, your data can be restored the same day, preventing any significant downtime for your business.  Every business is different.  Some will see data recovery in less than an hour.  Recovery depends on the amount of data your business has.

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