Why Use Desk Phones Instead of VoIP?

VoIP phone systems: affordable with robust features

Whenever I meet with a client to discuss a VoIP phone system, I think back to how my dad kept a Road Atlas and a ten-dollar roll of quarters in the car for his business trips. The Road Atlas kept him from getting lost, and the quarters were for the pay phones so he could call into the office. My generation gets lucky, by not needing to find a pay phone or use an outdated map. Even though much has changed, many offices still have a telephone on every desk, just like in my dad’s heyday.

With the change to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology and various other forms of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), why are companies still spending all that time and money on desk phones? A business VoIP service brings robust voice, fax, instant messaging, and HD meeting features to a company and amps up their communication way beyond a desk phone.

The technology is here — and affordable. I doubt my daughter will have a desk phone at her first corporate job. The new generation of employees are tech-savvy. The moment they realize they can’t just click an email signature to make a phone call, but have to manually dial it, they will wonder why the company they work for is so antiquated.

 In a nutshell, here are the key VoIP phone service benefits:

·     Excellent voice clarity.

·     Connects offices in multiple locations for voice chats.

·     Supports multi-location conference calls.

·     Low cost when compared to traditional phone service:

  • PC-to-PC calls are generally free.
  •  PC-to-phone connections are generally less than the cost of a traditional phone line. “Peak hours” charges are eliminated.

·     Missed voice messages are converted to emails.

· You still have caller access if you are traveling or working at home. A voicemail becomes an email that can be quickly added to a calendar, or the call returned with a click.

·     Phones and more features can be added as your business grows. And, if an employee is hired or leaves, phone management is easy.

 Nettology can help you implement a VoIP phone solution

VoIP providers like Nettology, know how to move your company to cloud-based communications. The process is much easier than many CEOs realize. The cost savings and feature sets alone are a good reason to call us. We’ve been building VoIP phone solutions for small to mid-sized businesses since 2004.