Is Your Firewall Setup Correctly – Are You Protected?

Is your firewall configuration correct and up to date?

Updated December 4, 2017

The importance of a firewall setup. A firewall is the first line of defense around a business network. It monitors incoming and outgoing traffic. With traditional firewalls, an administrator has defined the traffic filtering rules. Manual updates are routinely needed. Outdated firewall rules may allow unauthorized access into the network. A data breach may occur.

The more complicated a network is, the more complicated is the management of the firewall(s). Next Generation Firewalls reduce the number of manual tasks an administrator needs to perform to keep the firewall(s) updated. Learn more about Next Generation Firewalls by reading our blog, Is It Time To Move To A Web Application Firewall?

If there are multiple firewalls in a complex network, a checkup is advisable. This ensures that no errors have been made and there are no compliance gaps.

An incorrect or out-of-date firewall configuration can:

  • Change the performance of business applications
  • Leave a network perimeter exposed to cyber security risks

Perimeter Assessments: a detailed analysis of your firewall setup

A Perimeter Assessment looks for holes in a firewall(s) and analyzes the external firewall traffic flow in and out of a network. This assessment is essentially a detailed firewall “checkup” that prioritizes potential network risks. This management planning document identifies external network vulnerabilities. It ranks them from high to low risk, and provides recommended solutions.

A Perimeter Assessment provides a detailed risk analysis report of:

  • External vulnerabilities
  • Expired certificates
  • Updates needed
  • Configurations that need to be changed in your firewall setup
  • Information leaks
  • Recommendations for remediation of found issues and concerns.

A Perimeter Assessment will reveal if a firewall is up-to-date or needs an upgrade.

Nettology can run a series of tests on a company’s IT network perimeter. Think of it as a firewall “checkup”. Results reveal the current state of a company’s external network. The testing shows where the firewall needs shoring up. The title of the official document is “External Network Vulnerabilities Summary Report Security Assessment”.  Don’t be put off by the title. Nettology presents the data results in clear, understandable terms. The findings in a network vulnerability assessment report help companies prepare for compliance reviews. Nettology’s skilled engineers can implement any needed firewall upgrades.

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