Moving to the Cloud Doesn’t Guarantee Your Data is Safe

Moving to the Cloud does not Guarantee your Data is Secure.

Are you considering moving your Company’s infrastructure to the Cloud? That’s great. There are several benefits to moving to the cloud. Among them are:
• Save the cost of purchasing up front infrastructure hardware and software.
• Pay only for the capacity that is required.
• Increase and scale capacity based on requirements – not packaged pricing.
• Constant upgrades as opposed to being stuck with outdated technologies.
• Allocate cash which you save on equipment costs to other priorities.
• Simplify your budgeting process.
• Save on maintenance costs for outdated hardware.
• Save on software upgrades as the cloud is constantly being upgraded.

Be Mindful when moving to the cloud.

Cloud storage for my Business
Moving to the Cloud

Despite the advantages and the savings listed above, you need to be mindful of a few things. Having your data in the cloud does not necessarily mean it is completely secure. Even though the cloud providers typically have data safeguards in place, you need to be aware of the extent to which your data is protected.

Businesses have so much case-sensitive information such as client financials, notes, order history, service records, accounts payable and accounts receivable. There are also extremely sensitive emails, which can be critical in the future, time-stamped and documented. Losing this data could be devastating to your business and to your Company’s reputation. As hackers hone their skills stealing data from Businesses and Financial Institutions, it is critical that you are vigilant, proactive and always a step ahead of Malware, Viruses and Ransomware.

When choosing cloud based technologies such as SaaS (Storage as a Service), you need to make sure your emails may be retrieved if they are accidentally deleted or lost. Your critical Application Servers are Imaged regularly and your data files must have the appropriate backup solution and retention policies in place. These things don’t happen automatically just by moving to the cloud.

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