Hosted PBX phone systems

Hosted PBX Phone System vs Traditional Office Phones

Looking to cut costs and improve your business phone service? Compare the cost of a traditional analog business phone service with the cost of a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution. A IP based PBX system reduces your monthly phone bill tremendously, and brings your employees enhanced communication tools.

With Hosted PBX phone systems or hosted VoIP, your phones connect through an internet IP address to the service provider at a cloud-based data center. A cloud based business phone system is a smart option for small to mid-size business looking to cut expenses and modernize their telephone service.

Cost-saving benefits of Cloud Hosted PBX systems:

  • Less expensive than traditional phone systems or on-premise voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems. No equipment to manage; pay as you go plans.
  • Eliminates the wiring closet. Instead of having the phone system take up office space in a wiring closet or data room, the switching equipment is hosted in the cloud.
  • No IT staff needed to update the software or maintain equipment. Software updates install automatically, so you always have an updated system.
  • Soft phone option eliminates the need to purchase desk phones. Equip your office with SIP desk phones that have a traditional receiver, or choose a less expensive option and use only soft phones. Laptops become soft phones through downloaded applications. Your employees access phone services through the laptop. With a cloud-based phone system, your office can even have a mix of desk phones and soft phones.

IP phone systems offer enhanced communication features:

  • Connects employees working from the office, from home, or while traveling. Answer work calls, make calls, participate in conference calls, put callers on hold or transfer calls right from your laptop. Voice messages record as .wav attachments and send to an email inbox. Employees can access these messages on a desktop or mobile phone.
  • Customize music or messages that callers hear while on hold. Choose music for callers on hold or record customized messages.
  • Eliminates unanswered phone calls. All calls are answered. An auto attendant directs callers to different departments. When a call is routed to a specific employee, the caller can leave a voice message.

Nettology: a seasoned IP business phone system provider

While hosted PBX phone systems are inexpensive and simple to use and manage, setting up a cloud PBX service can be challenging.  Nettology is a seasoned IP business phone system provider. We can handle all the details for you. If you would like desktop phones, we can order them, program them, and ship them out to you. On-site installs are also possible if your business is located in the greater Philadelphia area. If you have an office of 20 or more, or offices in multiple locations, Nettology’s expertise in IT network installation will ensure a seamless set up of your IP phone system.

We will work with you to assign a SIP address to each employee. We can also create SIP aliases for staff members who are in multiple departments. This allows your employees to screen incoming calls. For instance, when a service call comes in, the line connected to the service alias will ring. Calls from coworkers, sales leads, or customers requesting support are more efficiently routed with SIP aliases.

If your business is already using Zendesk, Highrise or Slack, we can integrate these products with your IP phone solution.