World Backup Day – Don’t be an April Fool

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World Backup Day is March 31

World Backup Day reminds everyone – not just businesses – to back up their digital data. Backup all critical digital documents and treasured photographs! Check the backup files to make sure they are intact.

On World Backup Day, business owners should take the time to assess company backup policies. Check archive files and update them. Make sure all critical data has a backup copy.

On World Backup Day, business owners should review data back up strategies

Human error, malicious viruses and bots, natural disasters and equipment failure can damage or wipe out critical business data in a moment. Recovery time, if at all possible, could take weeks.

World Backup Day is a good time for businesses to review their data backup solutions. Here’s why:

  • 57% of businesses hit with a Ransomware attack report data/device loss
  • 75% report business-threatening downtime
  • 96% of small businesses fully recovered from Ransomware with a Business Data Recovery plan


Do backup strategies need improvement? Here are ways to upgrade:

  1. Invest in a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan. These plans help protect your mission-critical business data. With these plans in place, your business can continue to operate even after disaster strikes. If an in-house server is destroyed in an office building fire, with backup files and applications in the cloud, all is not lost. Business operations can resume quickly. A good Business Continuity Solution eliminates long downtime. Business operations speedily restore, powered by virtual servers using backup data and applications.
  2. Put a Datto Solution In Place. Datto appliances and software allow you to run your business from a backup server in the cloud in a matter of minutes. If a Ransomware or virus infection strikes, Datto “rolls back” your data. All restores to a problem-free time. These automatic backups happen daily or as frequently as every hour.
    • Datto solutions include SaaS Protection for Office 365 to protect your Exchange Online, OneDrive, and SharePoint files. Automated backups occur three times each day.  If you do not have an IT specialist on your staff, a technology provider like Nettology can monitor and restore your files for you.

Confused by backup technologies and wonder if they’re affordable?

Nettology can help you plan and implement backup solutions that will protect your business. We have 10+ years of experience working with small to mid-size businesses. Our cost-effective IT solutions help protect and empower small businesses with today’s technologies. We offer a full suite of information technology services, and we work with companies all across the United States. On-site support is available for businesses located in the greater Philadelphia area.

Ready to discuss key components of World Backup Day? Nettology is here to help.

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