The Biggest Threat to Your Business

The biggest threat to business is a data breach.

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A Business Network Security Solution is essential.

Malware and cyber security threats are increasing. This is why your IT business infrastructure needs to be secure.

The February 2018 feature, How Can 73 Percent of Companies Not Be Prepared for Hackers?, revealed a shocking statistic. Of 4,100+ organizations surveyed, seven out of 10 said they aren’t prepared for a cyber attack.

If your business falls in that 73% bracket, you are living dangerously. Experts agree that cybercrime is increasing. New avenues of attack will include mobile phones and smart devices (IoT) as they become a bigger part of the workplace.

Healthcare organizations are the top target

New threats are constantly emerging. Businesses of all sizes – even small businesses – come under attack. The healthcare industry is the biggest target. According to an article in, attacks on healthcare organizations are likely to quadruple by 2020. Medical organizations compile and store detailed patient records. There’s profit in encrypting that data and holding it for ransom or selling those medical records on the dark web.

No business is safe. Ransomware as a Service is now emerging. Do-it-yourself Ransomware kits are available on the dark web. Buyers lacking programming skills can buy these kits to make their own ransomware and launch attacks.

Malware comes in many forms

Malware is malicious software that comes in many forms: viruses, worms, ransomware, or spyware. PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and malware are installed on a computer for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the purpose is to damage or disable computers and businesses by stealing, encrypting, or deleting data. A security weakness lets the malware penetrate a computer or business network. If it’s spyware or PUAs, your computer will be noticeably slower.  Unwanted ads and annoying pop-ups will appear. A worse scenario is a ransomware note appearing on the computer screen. It will inform you that your data has been encrypted and a fee is required to restore it.

Malware is spread in many different ways. One of the most common methods is through spam emails. An employee is fooled into opening a document containing an embedded macro which launches the virus.

What can businesses do to minimize cyber security risks and prevent a data breach?

The biggest threat to business? A cyber security risk. These 10 tips may help safeguard your business:

  1. Educate your employees. Teach them to email security best practices. Train your staff never to open an email or download an attachment from someone they don’t know. If the email has an attachment with a PIF or SCR extension, chances are it’s a virus. Microsoft documents and PDFs can carry embedded viruses. For more tips on how to spot a phishing email, see our blog, Don’t Fall for Phishing Schemes.
  2. Adjust security settings to protect your most exposed employees (like those processing orders etc.)
  3. Employees must disregard any instructions to turn off security features. Train your staff to contact an IT professional immediately if they receive an email that contains instructions to disable any security feature.
  4. Be very careful downloading apps on a cell phone. Google Pay apps are the safest. Avoid installing newer apps or those with a low reputation.
  5. Update software promptly.  Install patches immediately.
  6. Get a quality anti-spyware program. Anti-spyware software sends your data out to the web. Spyware opens holes in your network. Hackers use these vulnerabilities and create codes to disable a program or a whole network.
  7. Install an anti-virus program with real-time protection. Look for a program that automatically stops a Word file from downloading or running malware. An anti-virus program alone will not provide adequate protection. New varieties of malware incorporate antivirus evasion techniques.
  8. Invest in a data backup and recovery solution. A Datto solution can “roll back” your business data if ransomware strikes. Your data is restored to an earlier point in time. Learn more.
  9. Make sure your cloud service provider is reputable. Nettology migrates clients into the Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud. These two global corporations have the funds to hire top security talent, and to provide the most secure cloud hosting environment possible.
  10. Invest in a Network Vulnerability Assessment. These detailed scans rank potential business infrastructure trouble spots. Assessments include actionable steps to fix any problems uncovered. Learn more.

Preventing a Data Breach stops the biggest threat to business

Exposure to spyware and other forms of malware is increasing. Businesses large and small need to address security risks. By having just one PC infected with spyware, email systems can be compromised, data can be stolen or corrupted, and computers can be taken over entirely. A data breach is the biggest threat to business. It causes lengthy downtime.

Need help implementing a cyber security solution for your business? Nettology offers a full suite of information technology services and IT network support. Explore your options with a no-obligation conference call with our certified engineers.

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