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Cloud migration technologies revolutionize how the world conducts business. Migrating to the cloud brings convenience, speed, and scalability to companies of all sizes. More and more applications are being built for cloud computing. Nettology can help you plan and implement a cloud strategy that will position your company for success in an increasingly digital world.

Cloud computing benefits:

  • Lower costs
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Positions a business for future growth
  • Environmentally friendly

Cloud Migration Strategy:

Companies have three avenues to migrate to the cloud:

  • Private Cloud Computing – This is cloud computing within the company’s firewall. An internal IT department oversees operations. Companies get the same benefits and features of public cloud computing.  This higher-cost option is usually associated with larger enterprises.
  • Public Cloud Computing – Businesses with few people — as small as even 5-10 people — can work effectively with a completely public cloud model. This option is usually associated with consumers or very small businesses with minimal IT needs beyond email and perhaps document storage.
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing – This is a combination of the private and public cloud models.   Combining Microsoft Office 365 for public cloud email with a crucial business application running on a company-owned server that physically sits in a local, secure data center is one example of a Hybrid cloud configuration.

Nettology has implemented seamless cloud migrations for large and small businesses. Our engineers have years of experience handling all types of Cloud computing challenges. We will tailor a cost-effective cloud strategy for your business and will help you clearly understand your data migration options. Count on us for expert:

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