Expand IT Resources Without Expanding Your Footprint – With the Help of an IT Assist

As your business grows, so does your need for an IT Assist.

IT Services are essential in today’s business world, especially for a small to mid-size business. With limited staff, budget, and resources, many small businesses are “just getting by” when it comes to information technology management. As their operations grow, businesses face handling ever-expanding volumes of data.  Other challenges involve synchronizing and securing client information. Adding more servers to accommodate new data and applications complicates your network infrastructure. That’s an expensive and time-consuming venture.

IT Services Providers keep pace with the rapid development of technology.

Adding to the challenge businesses face is the rapid pace of technological developments. To better compete in today’s marketplace, business owners must equip employees with the latest tools. Updated software enables increased collaboration, automation, and remote information access. It’s difficult for smaller organizations to know what tools are available, and which are the best options for their needs.

If your business has grown to a point where you need to upgrade your technology, it’s time to consider getting an IT Assist.

Cloud Computing Adds Capacity Without New Capital Equipment

A technology provider will ask many questions to assess your business infrastructure. The cost, time and storage factors needed to support more IT resources may lead an IT services provider to suggest migrating information and applications to the cloud. Cloud migrations are a viable way to gain new data storage capability without substantial investment in equipment. By operating some — or all — business operations in a virtual infrastructure, businesses can store data off-site, decreasing hardware and IT requirements. Maintenance and upgrades also become the responsibility of the cloud provider.

Cloud hosted solutions give business owners the flexibility of adding new office tools and collaboration solutions previously only affordable for  larger companies. One example is Microsoft Exchange Online, a powerful business-class email application. It supports data sharing among employees for greater collaboration, while supporting remote access from different devices — including laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

As an IT services provider, Nettology helps businesses determine if the right solution is moving everything to the cloud or employing a mix of physical and virtual storage.  We conduct a network assessment of our client’s existing IT infrastructure to find the best solution for their needs and goals.

A Cloud Server Has Many Benefits, But Cloud Migrations Can Be Scary

Even if you have a small IT department, a cloud migration can be intimidating.  With a Nettology IT Assist, our engineers will work alongside your internal staff during the migration, or entirely manage the cloud deployment.

With a Nettology IT Assist, get help for:

  • Network infrastructure design changes
  • Server migrations
  • Backups strategies for hosted file and application servers
  • Implementation of cloud applications such as hosted Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
  • AWS migrations
  • Cyber security upgrades

An IT Assist includes Help Desk Support

Often, internal IT staffs are spread thin taking care of daily issues. Nettology’s IT Services include access to seasoned Help Desk team. Our Help Desk team handles frustrating and time-consuming technology problems your employees face.

Nettology’s Help Desk Team Handles These Time-Consuming Issues:

  • Email servers going down
  • Application lock-outs
  • Software issues
  • Firewall upgrades
  • Patch management

Nettology’s IT Services help companies expand without adding additional staff.

As an IT Services provider, Nettology manages on-premise and Cloud IT infrastructures related to storage space, servers, network and data backup. Delivering customized solutions that streamline business processes, we  cost-effectively expand our client’s IT resources.

Nettology offers affordable support packages with monthly or quarterly fees. Flat-fee project costs allow efficient and predictable budgeting. Want to know more? Give us a call or send us an email via our contact page to discuss how moving to the cloud service can benefit your business.