3 Approaches to Migrating Your Business to the Cloud

In our recent blog post, 7Rs of Cloud Migration, we explored how to choose the best cloud migration strategy for your business. When it comes to deciding the right path to take for your IT strategy, building a more effective infrastructure will allow your operation to run efficiently and securely—without compromising the ability to scale, stay agile and above all, remain profitable.

Any workload, including applications, websites, databases, storage—even an entire data center from an on-premise environment or hosting facility—can be migrated to the cloud.

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Cloud Benefits for Your Organization

Whether you need to migrate your data to the cloud, set up disaster recovery, expand on-premise support for your existing network, or even increase your protection against ransomware and cyberattacks, remember, you have options.

Cloud software or software-as-a-service (SaaS) offers maximum flexibility for you and your employees. Data can be securely accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser, and users get a seamless experience both on-site and in remote or work-from-home environments.

Since the software does not run on your company’s own hardware, local hardware requirements are significantly lower, reducing the burden for physical, on-premise maintenance of both hardware and software. These functions are carried out automatically by the cloud provider. Automatic software updates mean less time spent making up lost productivity and revenue due to outages, updates, or other maintenance issues.

Because moving to the cloud is usually a subscription model, the start-up costs for a company are low and distributed more evenly throughout the life cycle. Additional financing is often unnecessary. Did we mention cloud software is also elastic and easy to scale? Let’s get moving!

3 Approaches to Migrate Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud migration technologies revolutionize how the world conducts business by facilitating scalable infrastructure to support capabilities that can add or remove processing and storage or network services, through expansion and contraction as needed. Private cloud computing, public cloud computing and hybrid cloud computing are the three approaches a company might choose to migrate to the cloud.

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings convenience, speed, and scalability to companies of all sizes. AWS consulting experts and solution architects can help you plan and implement an AWS migration strategy that will position your company for success in an increasingly digital world.

Private Cloud Computing 

This is cloud computing within the company’s firewall. An internal IT department oversees operations. Companies get the same benefits and features of public cloud computing.

This higher-cost option is usually associated with larger enterprises.

Public Cloud Computing 

Businesses with few people—even teams as small as 5-10 people—can work effectively with a completely public cloud model. This option is usually associated with consumers or very small businesses with minimal IT needs beyond email and document storage.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

This is a combination of the private and public cloud models. Combining Microsoft Office 365 for public cloud email with a crucial business application running on a company-owned server that physically sits in a local, secure data center is one example of a hybrid cloud configuration.

After determining the right approach for your business, the process of migration is broken down into three critical phases: planning, mid-shift, and go-live. Properly planning your migration with an experienced IT provider will ensure a smooth end-to-end transition free of disruptions.

The important thing to remember is that the right option is available for your business and can be completely customized to fit your specific IT needs. This allows you to stay on budget and even save money in the long run by implementing services based on your needs, while safely and securely maintaining the integrity of your business.

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