How to empower your remote team with these tips?

Perhaps a virtual team has always been part of your business model. Your company may now allow employees to work remotely. This can be either full-time or part-time. Its culture considers it a new aspect.

No matter what your current plans are, leaders need to empower remote employees, whether they are existing or new.

As an employer or leader, it’s necessary to understand not only industry trends but also, how the workplace is evolving. An ideal environment for your digital workforce cultivates and nourishes professionals at all stages of their careers. At the core of any successful relationship is trust. Before the pandemic, companies had to think about how remote work can maintain culture and productivity. Nettology - How can you confidently migrate to the cloud with your essential guide?

A New Normal? 

Breaking from traditional employer/employee relationships and remaining productive has been at the heart of most conversations around remote work situations. During the pandemic, companies quickly switched to working from home to stay productive and adapt to the situation. We have subsequently reframed productivity to highlight results-based outcomes, trust, and time management when considering a remote workforce. To keep your team motivated, you need to have common goals and stick to a schedule. It’s also important to share values and have a clear purpose and mission, with strong leadership based on a vision. When team members feel responsible for their work and see their progress, they become more involved in the organization’s achievements. This involvement happens regularly. Nettology - Importance of ‘Secure by Design’ in Cybersecurity?

Be Not Afraid. Build Trust.

People are afraid of transitioning to remote work because they worry about two management styles: empowerment and monitoring. You can do both, but watching over someone’s shoulder may make people lose trust and create a stressful work environment. Some IT solutions use surveillance for accountability monitoring. However, trust and a strong mission are crucial for effective leadership. They are also vital for building a great team. According to Dr. Ifeoma Ajunwa, a Big Brother work environment is problematic because it causes workers to become stressed and distracted. They prioritize surveillance over their tasks. Joseph Freed also agrees that this “different approach to optimizing talent is an empowerment strategy.” With that in mind, here are a few tips for empowering your remote team:
  • Place cybersecurity – for employees and clients – at the top of your list. Resolve any IT or connectivity issues as they arise.
  • Have a strong mission and build purpose to elevate the ‘why factor.’
  • Ensure that your company’s vision is reflected in your ‘why factor’ and that it permeates throughout the company.
  • Invest in your team. When an employee feels cared for, they believe their work is valued and that the company grows as they do.
  • Emphasize an ongoing conversation about their position and focus on consistent, meaningful communication, while developing a routine for engagement.
  • Create transparency around outcomes and allow for both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
Besides these tips for remote workers, ensure your team has the necessary IT support and add some fun whenever possible. Improving the user experience for customers through technology is important. Additionally, being lighthearted is crucial for attracting and retaining talented employees.

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