What are the top 10 questions about managed IT services?

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Selecting an MSP is a smart and cost-effective way for small to midsize businesses to improve their infrastructure. This helps them operate smoothly and securely, while still being able to grow, adapt, and make more money.

Here are 10 of the top questions that often come up when business owners are considering an MSP like Nettology.

1) What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a popular solution for outsourcing important functions to improve operational efficiency.

  • Emergency IT support
  • Office 365 migrations
  • AWS & Azure migrations
  • Network Setup & Office Relocation Services
  • Firewall Upgrades
  • On-site Server Upgrades & Replacements
  • Data Migration & Server Back Up
  • Ransomware Protection & Cybersecurity Assessment

2) What services does a Managed Service Provider offer?

An MSP is your partner for all things related to your IT environment. An MSP can help your small or midsize business with various services. They can work with your IT director, support your current team, or be an outsourced solution for your network needs.

3) How much does a Managed Service Provider Cost?

An MSP lowers the total cost of ownership for creating and maintaining your business’ IT infrastructure. An MSP helps companies get skilled IT workers at a lower price. It also acts as a third party that can manage networks, applications, infrastructure, user systems, and security through a subscription plan. Monthly subscriptions help fix capital costs for financial planning while maximizing value.

4) What are the benefits of a Managed Service Provider

Move your workload to the cloud. Moving to the cloud affects your budget, flexibility, and availability. It improves IT security and offers constant monitoring for your business. ​​

The decreased total cost of ownership for operations and enhanced expertise and support are driving reasons businesses move to the cloud. Using shared servers and outsourcing IT staff and data facilities reduces costs and expenses significantly.

5) Will an MSP replace my in-house IT team?

An MSP can work independently or with your in-house IT team to provide direct, dedicated support for your business. Growing your team without hiring new staff and being able to increase support as needed helps control costs. IT helpdesk outsourcing simplifies support response and scalability, providing customers with real-time solutions.

6) Does my MSP need to be local to my organization?

Proximity is relative. A good MSP can provide IT support and solutions for all companies. They can also manage your network remotely.

7) Who is responsible for managing my data and software?

Your MSP will protect and monitor your IT system, preventing downtime and outages. They will also update software and perform maintenance to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations.

8) How does an MSP handle disaster recovery?

If your company has a problem, an MSP can help you recover data from IT disasters, accidents, and corruption. If your company lacks backup or ransomware protection, an MSP can assist in setting up a solution such as Datto. Additionally, they can provide emergency IT support.

9) Is an MSP scalable when my business grows?

An MSP is a growth solution to create enhanced operational efficiencies that are cost-effective. A team of IT professionals will be able to provide individualized consulting to create solutions that empower your business.

If you’ve ever seen a company outperform its competition, scale rapidly, or remain agile through market disruptions—such as the COVID-19 pandemic—you may not know they have a robust and high-functioning MSP supporting its operations.

10) Why is it so important to have an MSP?

An MSP is a reliable business partner that helps you grow and improve without spending a lot on infrastructure or staff.

  • Increased cost savings
  • Flexibility in your IT environment
  • Secure data
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations

If you are ready to experience growth and stability and improve core competencies, an MSP might be right for you.

Ready to discuss managed IT services for your business? Nettology is here to help.

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