Use BGP for your VPN tunnels to AWS and fail over gets better!


Traditionally, establishing connectivity between AWS and policy-based IPSEC VPNs was the norm. However, recent changes on the AWS front have introduced a new paradigm. Through the utilization of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), the connectivity of your VPN tunnels to AWS undergoes a marked improvement, including enhanced failover capabilities. If your infrastructure boasts a Firewall […]

The reason you were hacked is not the Firewall, its the logging.


Cybersecurity starts with good logging.  Networks must be monitored to react to threats as they happen.  When thinking about your organization, is there anyone that can identify the number of failed login attempts on your servers? Do you know how many failed login attempts have occurred within your organization in the past day, week, or […]

Fog Computing – Next Big Thing?


The IT world never stops evolving. Now that Cloud computing is fairly mainstream; look for “fog computing” to take center stage. Emerging technologies which utilize automation and analytics are driving the interest in Fog Computing. Fog Computing: cloud computing and services move to the edge of the network By moving parts of the Cloud closer […]

Why Use Desk Phones Instead of VoIP?


By Preston Terrell Whenever I meet with a client to discuss a VoiP phone system, I think back to how my dad kept a Road Atlas and a ten-dollar role of quarters in the car for his business trips. The Road Atlas kept him from getting lost, and the quarters were for the pay phones so […]

VMware Cloud on AWS – it’s a game changer

“The VMware and AWS partnership opens up many options to experience the benefits of a hybrid solution.” By Preston Terrell At the end of August 2017, it was announced that VMware Cloud on AWS was now available to customers. Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) using VMware and AWS is truly a game changer for companies […]

5 crucial steps to take in the event of a data breach

Do you know what to do if your business experiences a data breach? Is there a plan in place if your company falls victim to ransomware? Although no one wants to think about a data breach scenario, it’s best to have a cyber breach response plan if your network has been hacked and your company’s […]

Email Server: Cloud or Pillow?

Your Email Server: it’s crucial to your success. Email is critical to businesses, it is as crucial as gas is for your car. In years past organizations hardly realized how crucial email is until they hear that dreadful phrase “The email server is down”. In those days your mail server usually lived in a glorified […]

What are the top-performing hybrid laptops available in the market?

Computers first started showing up in offices and even some homes in the 1970s, although many businesses still operated without them. As we approached the millennium it became almost impossible to run even a small business without the use of a computer and as we move further into the 2000’s, tablets, ultrabooks and convertible laptops […]

Big Data and Cloud Computing

[section_dd] [column_dd span=”12″] [text_dd] Big Data and Cloud Computing is a hot topic, appearing in many articles and technology blogs around the Internet. But what is Big Data and how is it being used? Big Data is the term used to describe data that is so big and complex that it cannot be processed using […]

How to Choose a VPN that is Right for you


Choose a VPN? That’s just for large companies, right? Nope. A VPN or Virtual Private Network can benefit everyone. With more and more aspects our daily lives being “connected” or “online”, we naturally become more vulnerable to identity theft, credit card theft, and unwanted access or theft of our personal devices and files. A virtual […]

How Safe Are You?

IT cyber security: how safe are you? These cyber security figures are from a couple of years back, but the situation remains much the same in 2017. The New York Times reported the #WannaCry #cyberattack in the spring of 2017 afflicted 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries. Transmitted by email, the malicious software, or […]