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At our core, we’re committed to providing unparalleled assistance to your IT department and project teams, prioritizing robust management skills and step-by-step project planning to ensure long-term project success. With a focus on thorough support and reliable coverage, we empower your teams to excel and deliver exceptional outcomes while implementing essential access control measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Here some of our IT Projects Services: 

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Our approach includes robust risk management strategies to identify and address potential challenges, particularly crucial for small businesses reliant on efficient information systems. With a single point of contact and the utilization of project management software, we streamline communication and enhance coordination, making project management efficient and effective. We follow strict project timelines, utilizing project management software to track progress and ensure timely completion, ultimately meeting your business goals and project objectives.

Network/Firewall Implementations​

Set up network infrastructure and security measures (firewalls) to create a strong and safe communication environment for an organization, leveraging cutting-edge information technology solutions to ensure robust protection against cyber threats.

Security Auditing and Reporting​

This tool assists in identifying and resolving security issues, facilitating continuous improvement in security posture. It also ensures compliance with rules and provides practical advice to enhance security measures, contributing to ongoing enhancements in organizational security practices.

AWS/Azure Server Setup​

We have expertise in setting up networks and firewalls. We also have experience in configuring servers on AWS and Azure. Additionally, we conduct security audits and prepare reports to enhance security measures.

Office 365 Migrations​

Our extensive capabilities encompass seamless Office 365 migrations, facilitating the smooth transition of an organization's email, documents, and productivity tools to Microsoft Office 365. This ensures cloud-based collaboration and enhanced data accessibility for optimized workflow efficiency, leveraging the latest advancements in software development to tailor solutions to specific organizational needs.Remote Monitoring​

Remote Monitoring​

Efficiently managing remote computer systems involves utilizing software for real-time oversight, problem-solving, and proactive maintenance, emphasizing monitoring and control. This enhances system reliability and security, eliminating the necessity for physical on-site presence.

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Our team is ready to support your projects with risk management, task assignment, and technology implementation. Contact us for a tailored approach to IT project management, ensuring success in every endeavor and enabling informed decisions.

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"I have had a computer consulting business for over 20 years and recently ran into a scenario that was quite tricky. I had not been exposed to it, very little reliable tech articles to go by and very little room for error. We decided to bring in an outside company to complete the project and after talking to a few different companies, immediately decided to go with Nettology. All I can say is that the project went even better than expected and every person I dealt with at Nettology was above and beyond professional, knowledgeable and excellent at what they do. I felt like I was a client of theirs for years."
— Chris
"We called in Nettology to help with a client issue. Not only did they resolve the issue quickly, but they alerted the client to some potential risks, which they eliminated. I look like a star for bringing them in. Thanks, Nettology!"
— Pete
"I manage IT for a jewelry business and needed to migrate all of my end-users to the 365 environments very quickly. With Nettology there was no obsessive pursuit of finding ways to increase profits...this group helped me achieve a goal quickly and efficiently while kindly offering other services if needed, rather than forcing them upon me or trying to rope my company into a contract."
— Arthur

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