Medical IT

Personalized IT plans for growing medical practices

Nettology has a lot of experience in helping medical practices with IT support. They have worked with many healthcare organizations in and around Philadelphia to give medical practices safe and effective technology.

We support healthcare organizations in Philadelphia and beyond. They ensure that their technology runs smoothly and securely. Nettology also assists healthcare professionals in their daily work.

One of the primary advantages of leveraging medical IT services is the streamlining of operations through various means. Nettology’s expertise extends to reducing the reliance on paperwork, a cumbersome process that can hinder productivity in medical practices. The company helps healthcare professionals manage patient data better by using automation, improving the quality of care.


Comprehensive medical IT support services

We help a variety of medical clients

We provide a range of options for both remote and onsite support for medical offices in the greater Philadelphia area. We can help protect your medical practice from ransomware, keeping patient information safe and ensuring uninterrupted patient care and daily operations.

General Medicine Practices

Surgery Centers

Opthalmology Practices

Dental Offices

Pharmacy Services

Solo and Group Practices

Streamline your systems


Imaging and diagnostic facilities require top-quality systems to efficiently manage electronic files. Nettology is skilled in DICOM/PACS systems and can assist with existing or new system installation and setup. Our infrastructure solutions meet HIPAA and industry standards. They are secure and reliable. They also support your daily healthcare operations. They do this by seamlessly integrating technology.

EMR Support

Nettology can provide consultation services or full medical IT support for all your computer, server, and network needs. We help with healthcare software setup. We offer support for EMR/Practice Management systems. We ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. This protects patient data and ensures smooth operations for your healthcare practice.

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